Building a grassroots women movement in Kenya

Cultivating a savings culture
Cultivating a savings culture
Since its inception, GROOTS Kenya has worked with over 2,500 women led groups and community based organizations and the message has largely remained the same;
“GROOTS Kenya recognized my leadership potential, and invested in building my capacity”
I am Mary Alwanyi, a 49 year old woman leader from Ikolomani in Kakamega County. I joined GROOTS Kenya in 2010 after being mapped by
“I now own land because GROOTS Kenya empowered me”
My name is Salome Mwangi. I live in Nyota location of Kuresoi North Sub County in Nakuru. I joined GROOTS Kenya through the Access to
“I am now the sole administrator of my father in law’s estate”
My name is Jane Nyokabi Gitau, and I am 59 years old. I come from Gitare Village, Kiamworia Location in Kiganjo ward. I am a
“I fought to have orphans and widows get back their properties”
My name is Mary Shimwenyi. I am a member of GROOTS Kenya, a community leader and a human rights defender from Malava Sub-County in Kakamega
“It has been 15 years since I joined GROOTS Kenya and I feel like I owe them my life.”
My name is Anne Ondaye and I come from Karachuonyo in Homabay County. My first interaction with GROOTS Kenya was in 2002 when I was invited
“I am enjoying a better quality of life, and I will never slide back to poverty”
“My name is Angelina Kavithe Francis a married mother of 5, and a member of Tamika Horticulture Women group in Kitui Rural Sub-County in Kitui
“I sat on the same panel with Gender Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki to speak about the impact of agribusiness on rural women farmers”
‘My name is Hannah Njoki Wachira, I am 43 years old and I come from Nyota area in Kuresoi North, Nakuru County. I joined GROOTS Kenya
Through GROOTS Kenya, I was appointed to sit on a Land Control Board
Through GROOTS Kenya, I was appointed to sit on a Land Control Board
My name is Susy Musungu, I am 48 years old and I come from Likuyani sub county in Kakamega County. I joined GROOTS Kenya in
Household relations have improved greatly, women are now making key decisions
Household relations have improved greatly, women are now making key decisions
My name is Alice Katiwa Mwiza, I am 45 years old and I come from Kayafungo ward in Kaloleni Sub County, Kilifi County. I joined
After joining GROOTS Kenya, my life started anew
After joining GROOTS Kenya, my life started anew
My name is Jennifer Mutinda, I am 47 years old and I come from Kawongo in Kitui County. I joined GROOTS Kenya in 2003 through

Founded in 1995 after the fourth UN Conference on Women in Beijing, China, GROOTS Kenya began as a response to the lack of visibility of grassroots women in development processes and decision-making forums that affect them and their communities.

The organization has remained committed to the bottom-up and human rights based approach to development working closely with communities and the administrative authorities to directly influence development processes at the county, national, regional and international levels.


GROOTS Kenya’s vision is an equitable and empowered society in which women are effectively engaged in development.



Our mission is to facilitate grassroots women effective engagement in development through movement building, leadership and advocacy. Since 1995, GROOTS Kenya has invested in nearly 3,500 women-led groups across 14 counties out of the 47 where we have direct presence.



Our theory of change is to shift grassroots women perceived role of vulnerable, victim and passive participants in development to empowered and effective leaders and agents of change in community development work.


  • Madini Yetu, Wajibu Wetu
  • Resourcing grassroots women’s social capital to build community resilience

  • Mainstreaming Climate Change in the county government policies, plans and budgets





years of empowering grassroots women

Empowered women-led groups in Kenya

Counties where we have direct presence



After two decades of empowering grassroots women, our experience makes clear that when you empower a girl or a woman, she becomes a catalyst for positive change whose success benefits everyone around her. In their own words, you will hear about their journey from extreme poverty and hardship to one of improved livelihoods, hope and promise.

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