Securing Social Protection for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

GROOTS Kenya continues to reach out to Orphans and Vulnerable children in Ndeiya, Mathare and Kibera to facilitate an environment where they can achieve their dreams and live better lives.

In Ndeiya, GROOTS Kenya is working with 29 caregivers and a team of 22 community leaders (child protection committee) to support 178 OVCs i.e. 38 Total Orphans, 35 vulnerable children and 105 with single absentee parents, from 40 vulnerable households. 80% of these households are headed by elderly grandmothers with an average age of 70 years. The children were put under their maternal grandmothers after they lost both or one of their parents due to HIV and AIDS and family conflicts.

The children have received various kinds of support including full scholarships, leadership training and counselling services. Some of the children are now running their own businesses after receiving start up capital to set up income generating activities such as hairdressing salons.


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May 16, 2017

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Securing Social Protection for Orphans and Vulnerable Children