“My name is Trizah Wambui, a professional hair dresser from Mwiki in Kiambu County. I have always had an interest in taking up a leadership role in our community but due to a fear of being criticized for not being eloquent or not good enough made me shy away from it . However after i joined GROOTS Kenya in 2016 under the transformative Leadership Program, I was inspired to take up community leadership role very seriously. This was because,from my area we had very few women and youth who showed an interest in community and political leadership and most of the time, women and the youth would end under represented .

GROOTS took me through numerous training and as a result I was nominated by GROOTs to take lead in collecting data and monitor SDGs Delivery in Kiambu. Through this process i become aware of the issues affecting women and youth from my Mwiki, on top of the list remained unemployment for the youth and unequal representation of women in leadership roles .

In the coming General elections, I wish to vie for MCA ward in Mwiki so as to be able to represent both the youth and women and also be able to champion for their demands and needs at the county assembly.’

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