Timina stated poultry farming back in 2002 with a capital of Ksh. 15000 that she used to buy chicken chicks and rare them to full grown chicken and later sold them at 500

After a while Timina wished to expand her business so as to generate more income to change her lifestyle of just being a dependent rural woman .

In 2013 Timina was mapped by GROOTS Kenya and taken through poultry farming training that later resulted to her seeking for a loan of Ksh .150 000. Timina spent the borrowed money to buy 480 chicks which she rared for 6 months and later sold them @ 800 ksh each .

The profit generated from the selling of this chicken enabled Timina to repay back her bank loan in time and she spent the rest of profit into starting up her petrol retail shop in her village .

Today Timina is a successful business woman and poultry farmer too.

We celebrate you Timina ,Hongera 🎉🎉

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