In the last three months, GROOTS Kenya has traversed 20 sub counties in Kakamega, Kiambu and Laikipia counties drumming up support for women aspirants as the elections draw nearer.

The activities dubbed ‘Ward Forums’ saw GROOTS Kenya champions mobilize residents at the ward level and offer the aspirants a chance to meet their electorate.

Over 100 women aspirants eyeing various seats from MCA, MP to Senator met and interacted with local residents in meetings facilitated by GROOTS Kenya.

Additionally, the aspirants received training on how to run effective campaigns, and capacity building. They were also provided with media coverage through radio interviews and newspaper space on both local and national media. The aspirants are vying under ODM, Jubilee, ANC, and PNU parties among other.

These activities are being carried out under three projects funded by UN Women, We Effect and the European Union. The projects all seek to have an increased number of women elected in the 2017 General Elections in Kenya.

One of the projects dubbed ‘Gender Equality Implementation Tracking’ helps to monitor implementation of gender at the county level in Kiambu, Laikipia and Kakamega by grassroots women or champions and then help to influence policy and decision making.

The projects fall under the Women, Leadership and Governance program which is the cornerstone of GROOTS Kenya’s work. Through this program GROOTS Kenya has seen the creation of a critical mass of women leaders rising to various positions locally, nationally and even internationally.

Currently, more than 2000 women affiliated to GROOTS Kenya are in various committees, boards and key decision making positions. They include school boards, water boards, constituency development fund boards, location committees, ward and village administrators among others.

One grassroots woman, Teresia Kimani from Lari Sub County sits on the board of the Global Land Tool Network representing grassroots women.

A man reads a Chagua Mama poster at the Juja Ward Forum


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