The project which comprise of a Community Revolving Fund (CRF) and Community practitioners platform (CPP) is geared towards building community resilience to climate change and disaster risk. This CRF is a grassroots women managed fund follows the group saving & lending model. The fund is accessed by community members solely for the promotion of climate resilience practices and disaster reductions actions such as organic and indigenous farming practices, renewable energy practices/biotechnologies (e.g. biogas), energy saving solutions reforestation, water harvesting, post-harvest management etc. both at household and at group level. The CPP is an advocacy platform that brings together grassroots women, duty bearers, non-state actors and other stakeholders working on issues of climate change and disaster reduction. Collectively, they advocate for policies and practices that build community capacity to adapt to climate change and mitigate natural disasters. Today, grassroots women in different counties have conducted a mapping of all degraded environmental sites in their county that are due for rehabilitation to avert potential disasters through community-led, evidence based advocacy. Further the project continue to support grassroots women organizing and leadership capacities.


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