Accelerating Rural Women’s Access to Markets and Trade

GROOTS Kenya has implemented this project since year 2012 to date in partnership with the World Bank & JSDF. The first of its kind under the World Bank managed trust fund, the overall aim is to contribute to women’s economic empowerment and improved livelihoods through enhanced agricultural production and access to markets. The underlying rationale is to equip women with relevant knowledge and skills as well as enhance their leadership and organizational capabilities to enable them become drivers of their own social and economic transformation in Nakuru and Kitui Counties with a focus on the dairy, horticulture & indigenous chicken value chain.

To date, the project has achieved the following results:

  • 3,500 women organized in 131 registered and functional farmers groups along the value chains
  • 60 grassroots women trained as community advocacy champions to lead the lobby and advocacy along the value chains.
  • Engagement of national & county stakeholders by the advocacy teams for the provision of essential services using project fact sheets. Improved infrastructure (roads, health facilities, markets& schools)
  • 110 grassroots women has ascended to local decision making & leadership positions through the project.
  • 237 community resource persons (coaches) trained to support ongoing capacity enhancement among farmers in production and agribusiness
  • Enhanced uptake of technologies and proper farm management by women farmers
  • Increased yields (milk 5-15 litres more per cow/day), increased poultry production (5 to 50 birds per farm)
  • Successful collective marketing.10 premium agribusinesses established
  • 80% of the women farmers and all CIG hold savings in bank accounts. Self-mobilized group resources utilized in purchasing of materials for constructing farm management units and farm inputs
  • Subsidized loans/funds worth $ 1,138,000 disbursed to individual farmers and farmer groups through the “Financing grassroots women concept”
  • Web-based project, farmer-fed management information system (MIS) operationalized to monitor progress at farm level
  • 90 trained women farmers to monitor progress using a mobile application.100 android tablets provided by the project to collect enterprise data

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April 20, 2017

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Accelerating Rural Women’s Access to Markets and Trade