There is need for more investment on Gender disaggregated data and information to streamline gender issues in the country.

This is according to GROOTS Kenya-an organization championing for the rights of women at grassroot level in Kenya.

GROOTS Kenya Chief Executive Officer Fridah Githuku notes that  journalists writing gender stories have had difficulties in accessing gender data.

It is for this reason that GROOTS Kenya has taken the initiative to harvest gender data from different stakeholders with focus being launching a Gender Data Dash Board where journalists will be able to access when writing stories on gender.

Ms Githuku was addressing journalists from various counties who converged in Machakos over the weekend for a two day workshop on gender reporting.

She said the launch of the Gender Data Dash Board will help save time for journalists whom she noted need quick and accurate information that can be accessed.

The online portal that is expected to be launched early next year  will only require journalists to quote the source of the data that shall have been collected from various stakeholders but under one point of access.

“As journalists when you are writing a story you don’t have the privilege of time and therefore this dash board will help address that as it will be easily accessible” said Ms Githuku.

According to the Global Gender Index that was launched this year, Kenya has made some progress compared to other countries in Africa and the World as far as Gender issues are concerned.

Ms Githuku challenging journalists in the country to also make good use of the Global Gender Index when writing on Gender issues.

She urged the both counties and National government to invest more on the Gender disaggregated data and information.

“The moment you know the progress that women are making or areas that need investment then we will be able to ensure resource allocation. That’s why we cannot have gender budgeting if we do not have Gender disaggregated data and information” said Ms Githuku.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:GROOTS Kenya Chief Executive Officer Fridah Githuku during a workshop for journalists on Gender data reporting.



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News Lobby group calls for more investment on Gender disaggregated data to address inequality