Meet Jessica Nakhumicha Kwete, A Women rights activists from Bunyala-West Ward, Bunyala Sub-County in Busia County. For 18 years now, Jessica has been at the forefront in championing for women’s rights in her community. In her capacity she represents the rural women and girls voices and advocates for issues affecting them. She is passionate about women land rights and women economic empowerment.
“Being part of GROOTS Kenya grassroots women leader has enabled me to represent and advocate for the rights of rural women in my community. In my group now all the champions have been empowered to know about their land rights, we have our own merry go round that has uplifted the lives of most women, who can now even take loans from bank and invest in their businesses. GROOTS Kenya has stand with us and supported us in lobbying for women to get into the leadership positions. In my group now I have a MCA, 3 women in schools boards and with time I know we will have more women in this positions from my group.”

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Success storiesIn my group now I have a MCA and 3 women in schools boards.