My name is Susy Musungu, I am 48 years old and I come from Likuyani sub county in Kakamega County. I joined GROOTS Kenya in 2015 while pursuing land for a young woman whose husband had just died and her in-laws had denied her the right to bury him on their legally acquired land. I met a GROOTS Kenya champion in the process and they mapped me to join the movement.

Before I joined GROOTS Kenya, I was involved in articulating issues on ending violence against women, education for the girl child and mobilizing women to participate in public decision making.

GROOTS Kenya has strengthened my leadership skills. It has also provided me with legal knowledge through provision of legal publications, some of which I’m availing to the community.

Through GROOTS Kenya, I was able to pioneer a community library that is resourceful to women and youth especially those pursuing adult education. I’m also able to disseminate information and create awareness on public opportunities.

I took part in the ‘Women to Kilimanjaro’ campaign, where thousands of women climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to champion for women’s land rights. I have continued to pursue property inheritance cases for widows and orphans. It’s through GROOTS Kenya that I was appointed to sit on the Land Control Board in my sub county.  Additionally, I can now walk into any public office and demand for services because of the empowerment, something that was initially impossible.

More women now attend public participation forums and contribute to development matters in my locality. GROOTS Kenya organised the grassroots women into groups and the number of women groups with diversified objectives rose which has led to increased adoption of table banking, and poultry & dairy farming. The adoption of these farming practices has led to improved food security.

I am inspired by GROOTS Kenya’s ‘never give up’ attitude as they continue to positively impact the lives of women in Kenya. The movement is not relentless despite the fact that men are dominant in decision making processes in our communities; women now have the courage to face off with men on a variety of platforms.

GROOTS Kenya is headed to winning the equality contest between women and men in Kenya. I am proud to be part of this movement. Thank you and God bless GROOTS Kenya.

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Blog Through GROOTS Kenya, I was appointed to sit on a Land Control Board