Over 400 Grassroot women drawn from Molo, Kuresoi North and Kuresoi South Sub counties of Nakuru have continued to benefit from Women Economic Empowerment Program courtesy of GROOTS Kenya.

GROOTS Kenya-an organization championing for the rights of women has seen several women in rural areas become confident about themselves, earn an income and manage their own finances.

Through training, the women have been able to build their financial security and increase their influence over the household budget, claiming and holding the power to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights ins society.

Speaking over the weekend during a meeting in Elburgon, Molo Sub County in Nakuru to sensitize on the GROOTS Kenya Guarantee Fund, Ms Salome Mwangi a beneficiary of the program since 2013 says it has brought transformation in her household in Kuresoi South.

Ms Salome started with a loan of Ksh.50,000 but currently she is able to borrow up Ksh.500,000 to engage in her farming activities(dairy and potato farming).

“The fund has seen my household transform. Right now I have a permanent house and I am also setting up a store for the potatoes. I also plan to purchase a tractor and a pickup to assist my farming activities. GROOTS Kenya has raised us from low lives and we are now somewhere” says Ms Salome.

Women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion has been recognized as key to achieving the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.

Ms Dorcas Wanjiku form Molo Sub County is also a beneficiary of the GROOTS Kenya Program.Ms Wanjiku who came to know about GROOTS Kenya in 2014 says her desire to learn more on farming activities has saw her join the program.

She was previously a maize farmer in Elburgon,Molo sub county.

However, she says after interacting with GROOTS Kenya through various trainings on agri-business she was among the first lot to benefit from the GROOTS Kenya Guarantee Fund and ventured into the potato farming.

Ms Wanjiku at the moment is able to do 7 acres of potato farming which in turn transforming her livelihood.

“The Loan has really helped me and I am proud to say that am doing agri-business” she says.

They are just a representation of the many grassroot women that GROOTS Kenya has empowered economically.According to GROOTS Kenya CEO Fridah Githuku, enabling women’s economic empowerment is not only the “right” thing to do, it is also the “smart” thing to do for women to fulfill their human rights and access equal opportunities in society.

Ms Githuku says as an organization they will continue to expand the program Accelerating Rural Women Access to Market and Trade to more women through the guarantee Fund.

“This Fund will be there for a longer period since it is like revolving as they borrow and repay so the only thing we can do as an organization is to expand the women groups that benefit from it” said Ms Githuku.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Over 400 Grassroot women drawn from Molo, Kuresoi North and Kuresoi South Sub counties of Nakuru during a GROOTS Kenya meeting over the weekend.

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News GROOTS Kenya transforming grassroots woman through Economic Empowerment Program