Celebrating Women’s Win!!!

GROOTS Kenya is celebrating the win for women in the just concluded general elections. 9 female candidates who were supported by GROOTS Kenya won various elective seats. Wanjiku Kibe the MP elect for Gatundu North, Sarah Lekorere Laikipia North MP elect, Jackie...

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“I now own land because GROOTS Kenya empowered me”

In my community, several women have also adopted new farming technologies and have increased production levels. GROOTS Kenya has also fostered peace among us because people from different tribes now interact with one another and we see each other as sisters, and more women are now in leadership which means that men are beginning to appreciate the role of women in leadership.

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Champions Mark World Environment Day in Style

GROOTS Kenya champions from Kiambu, Kakamega, Laikipia and Mathare celebrated this year’s World Environment Day with a series of activities designed to promote a cleaner, safer environment for their communities. Starting them off on Wednesday, 31st May 2017, Laikipia...

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“GROOTS Kenya recognized my leadership potential, and invested in building my capacity”

GROOTS Kenya recognized my leadership potential, and invested in building my capacity through various trainings….Within six months, I was able to articulate key issues and priorities in the mining sector including the mining laws…. Government officials now consult me on mining related matters and I am often invited to county government meetings to speak on the same. I hope to mentor and empower more women in the sector.
Mary Alwanyi- grassroots woman leader from Kakamega, widow and mother

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